Erling Haaland’s worrisome injury problems

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Erling Haaland looks to be a very fitting signing for Manchester City. Both in terms of pace and finishing that are second to none. to the aura of being a superstar that shines brightly

However, the 22-year-old spearhead appears to be suffering from more frequent injuries, however. Problems that didn’t come as frequent during his time at Molde or Red Bull Salzburg. But it has been quietly creeping up on him since his move to the Bundesliga. kettle

In the 2020/21 season, Haaland missed a total of 10 games from four injuries. But this season it has risen to 16 games from three injuries. The hip injury appears to be the most serious. Because it put him out for months before returning to training earlier

this year, it wouldn’t be too late to say that Haaland’s injury forced his team to two exits from European football. List when Dortmund lost to both Ajax and Lisbon in the group stage Champions League In spite of the game image, it is not unattractive in any way. The UFABET reprot

This was followed by a 4-2 aggregate loss to Rangers in the Europa League, with the Norwegian not involved in both games as well, plus Don Yell Malen, who they grabbed. Coming from PSV, it doesn’t seem to be able to adjust.

Of course, Haaland will definitely help Guardiola’s team more. Especially considering the number of chances City had against Real Madrid but failed to convert to goals.

But that must mean he has to be fit enough to play first.