Brother Ta Chu ‘Wenger’ inspired to be a coach

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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has hailed Arsene Wenger as a role model for him to become a manager. Ready to invite the legendary coach back to visit the club.

Wenger decided to leave the “big guns” in 2018 after 22 years in charge. Now he is the head of football development at FIFA

Arteta, having played for Wenger for a long time. Five years before retiring in 2016 and joining the coaching staff at Manchester City before returning to the Emirates Stadium in 2019, the

Spaniard said: “If it wasn’t, he I probably wouldn’t be in my position today. I would not have enjoyed during my own career, “

when asked if Wenger is why a consultant or Arteta replied:” 100 percent, I’m still young and I have ideas of my own “

” But he is. There’s another level of inspiration to look at my football game.”

“He is very good at passing the meaning of the club to the players. He asked me a lot of questions. That’s why I started learning. And being a lot more serious as a coach.

“I would like him to come to the club more often. I think the players will like him, benefit and get inspired by him. I thought it would cheer the club vibe “

” He’s not a raging over 20 years and you just have to break out a little bit, but I think he will come more often, it would be useful. to all parties”