Carvajal insists that “Enrique” is not “Anti-Madrid”

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Spain defender Dani Carvajal has insisted their manager Luis Enrique does not hate Real Madrid after he was criticized for bias in his selection of international players.

Jal is the only “White King” player to have been in Enrique’s “Fierce Bull” squad during this international break. 

And no Madrid players Even one of their national squads from Euro 2020.

Has begun to criticize Enrique, the former Barcelona player and manager, with a bias against Madrid. Like Carvajal, came out to confirm this.

“When I heard this, I was trying to say that he is not like that,” said Carlos Garrido said

Regardless of which team the player plays for.”

“He has proven it. It’s his approach. He has his own philosophy and ideas.”

What did Carvajal say?

“When I have heard that opinion I try to explain that nothing could be further from the truth,” Carvajal told Marca when quizzed on his Spain boss’ supposed anti-Madrid bias.

“The coach tries to call up the players he thinks are going to help achieve what he wants, whatever team they play for.

“That is his method, his philosophy and plan. I thank him [for always picking me], and for what he said about me at his press conference. I hope things continue this way.”