“Dean” prepares to fly the ghost hole if he can’t take the Lama

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According to the Daily Mail , Dean Henderson has expressed his desire to leave Manchester United if he is unable to complete a transfer from David de Gea,

The 24-year-old goalkeeper. Who began to show good form until the position in the army “Red Devils” at the end of last season Before.

Unfortunately, the covid was detected until he missed the pre-season with the team and lost his position. To De Gea until now. The season referred to in the cup only one match.

The latest from the report revealed that the situation of the British outpost Getting more difficult from the arrival of Tom Heaton, the third goalkeeper who is ready to compete for more positions.

Makes the news start to worry about the future, especially the opportunity to join the England national team. Go to the World Cup next year therefore considering moving out of the team after the end of this season

Henderson also misses the opportunity to leave this winter. And a team like Newcastle is one of the teams that are ready to pull to use. But it is unlikely that United will let him out in the middle of the season

, with Henderson signed a long-term contract with United last year and has four and a half years left on his contract, earning a salary of $45. £120,000 per week.According to a report from ufabet.