Football president confirms Benzema can join the national team despite

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Noel Le Graat, the president of the French Football Federation. Has confirmed that Karim Benzema will not be called up. For the national team.

Mathieu Valbuena sex tape case. But returned to the army “Tottenham Hotspur” again in May last year.

A court in France began an inquiry into the case last month.

But even if the Real Madrid. Le Grat confirmed. That there will be no deterrent from the national team and the decision will be with the team’s coach, Didier Deschamps. 

“The coach will always choose the team himself. In the event convicted,” Le Grat told Le Parisien.

“It’s up to Didier Deschamps to decide based on his performance on the pitch,”

In the World Cup qualifying game this Saturday. But the player’s lawyers objected that prosecutors did not have enough evidence to accuse Benzema of being a co-perpetrator of the blackmail.

The president of the French Football Federation Noël Le Graet says Karim Benzema will not face any further action on the part of the national team.

Benzema is currently caught up in a tribunal hearing over the sextape scandal involving former France international Mathieu Valbuena.

The Real Madrid to blackmail Valbuena, and the alleged incident played a huge part. To the national team for a number of years.

“Similarly, if he receives a conditional prison sentence as a punishment, he has the right to appear.

“Then, if he is called up or not in the coming months will not be linked to the judicial process.”

As mentioned, Benzema missed out on international football for a number years as an unofficial punishment of sorts, so he has served his time so-to-speak, at least in football terms, over the alleged incident.