“Guimares” revealed that he joined Newcastle because he was seriously

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Newcastle United midfielder Bruno Guimares has revealed he chose to join the club. Because it is the only team that is seriously interested,

the 24-year-old just moved from Olympic Lyon to St James’ Park in January. Alongside the other four stars that Eddie Howe grabbed to join the team.

The Brazilian midfielder has been linked with interest from several clubs in the winter. With the name of the team as Arsenal are reported to want to join the army. But in the end, he ended up with Newcastle, Guimares.

The 24-year-old made the move to St James Park during the January transfer window alongside several other new signings that Eddie Howe made in order to boost the squad.

However, the Brazilian international did have other options at the time, with interest taking place from Arsenal, but he ultimately made the decision to join the Magpies.

revealed that he chose to move to “Salika Dong” because it is the only team that is seriously interested.

“I have negotiated with many clubs. But the only team that made a serious offer was Newcastle and I would like to

I’m very excited here too,” he told ufabet Sports News .

“I always wanted to play in the Premier League. And this is also the beginning of a new project for this club.”