‘Jorginho’ wants the ‘Ballon d’Or should not be tied to the number of goals.

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Jorginho, the top midfielder “Sing the Blues” Chelsea insists on winning the Ballon d’Or. For the best players in the world should not be based on individual goals.

The 29-year-old star was a huge success in 2021 when he was a key figure in the UEFA Champions League-winning Chelsea team. Champions League And the Italian national team that won Euro 2020,

however, from past statistics. Players who have won this prestigious accolade are most likely to score substantial goals, with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo taking the accolade a total of 12 times, with only Luka Mod. Only Rich has won the award in 2018.

This year, Jorginho, who received the award from UEFA in August. He is among the contenders for the award alongside Robert Lewandowski, Mohamed Salah and Messi

Hijor, speaking to Brazilian publication GloboEsporte, thinking the Ballon d’Or. The number of goals should not be dependent on just the number of goals.

“It is not up to me to say whether I should win the Ballon d’Or. But it will be an incentive for other players. to show that It’s not just about scoring goals,” Jorginho said.

“I don’t want to expect too much. But don’t even pretend not to think about it.”

“It’s great if it happens. but if it doesn’t happen I didn’t say anything, my feet were still on the ground. There are many other things to focus on. Plus, I’ve won the UEFA Best Player award.”According to a report ufabet