“Ligue 1” is really strong, more physically focused than the Premier League.

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Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino sees Ligue 1 as the most physically-intensive league in the world over the Premier League.

Argentinian coach Take over the team “PSG” full of superstars since the beginning of the year. And despite being heavily criticized, the overall performance is not bad after leading the team to the top of the Ligue 1 crowd. and also survive in the Champions League path

When asked about the experience of managing a team in Ligue 1 Compare to other leagues The owner replied that

“My first feeling is that this league is really difficult. It’s a quality league. I think this is the most physically focused league in the world. There are so many amazing talented players and great coaches,” Pochettino said.

“In every game you can see every team has quality, the potential to win. and there is no way to give up I think this is a very good league. We are really happy to be here.”

And when asked if the league is more physically focused than the Premier League. He said:

“Yes, but I’m not saying here is better than the Premier League, but I think the way we play here is. They are more physically focused than the Premier League.”