Mertens , You’ll have to call “Ancelotti” about the “Hazard” drop.

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Dries Mertens, a veteran striker of the Belgian national team Joking that he would call Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti about dropping Eden Hazard as a substitute. Hazard has an uncertain future in the army. 

“Real Madrid” after falling off as a backup in a row in the latter The team’s manager Ancelotti has also made it clear that he prefers to use other players and will not throw if players want to leave the team.

When asked about the situation between Belgium’s teammates And his former boss, Merrill Mountain House has said,

“I think I will call the Chelsea the perfect thing happens, it’s not fair, really (laughs)” Mercury Basten said

. ” I’m not kidding! Hazard has a great mentality and everything is getting better. It is very unfortunate that a player of his quality is not playing.”

“Football is like that. I can see that Hazard is strong and fit. The relationship between the Brussels and Madrid Very pleasant “

Dries Mertens, the Belgian striker from Napoli, mocked Carlo Ancelotti, the coach of Real Madrid, for his handling of the Eden Hazard case at the Merengue. He said he had to call Carlo Ancelotti to talk about it.

” We knew he was trying hard to make myself fit as much as possible Azar he would like to do our best to reach the highest level, “he said.