Wright pointed out that ‘Solskjaer’ can only bring ghosts this far

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Celebrity football guru Ian Wright believes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has done the best at Manchester United at his level,

with the Red Devils having a difficult start to the season. difficult which the Norwegian coach are under enormous pressure. After losing to Liverpool And Manchester City

at this time, the club’s board still backs the smiling manager. But many football analysts One of them, Solskjaer’s former team-mate Rio Ferdinand, thinks he should pass on the bat,

Wright said: “All analysts see and speak in unison about the same team. this directionless uncoordinated There is no pattern with top players.

“If they are in the right situation They can beat other teams. But any team that played in order against Manchester United, as we saw against Leicester. and Liverpool They will create big problems for Manchester United

“And things like this happen for a simple reason because the manager has only reached his level.

“I looked at the former United players, Rio, Roy Keane, and now we’re starting to hear things, they say this player is not good enough. that person is not good enough Well, it’s like speaking without taking it seriously. But the manager came up to him then, “

Wright also cited the decision to cut Chelsea’s. In the release of legendary club Frank Lampard and Thomas Tuchel came to work, the German coach. Leading the team to the Champions League title and leading them to the top of the Premier League at this time.

“I always have to go back and talk about what Chelsea did to Frank. This is their best legend.

“This is Abramovich’s point, he doesn’t care if it doesn’t work the way he thinks. Those managers must lose their jobs.”