Warnock raises ‘Wenger’, the best manager in the Premier League era.

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Former Middlesbrough manager Neil Warnock ranks former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger. Is the best man in the Premier League era, with Sir Alex Ferguson, the head teacher of Manchester United, only 4th place,

Fergie led the “Red Devils” to many Premier League titles in 27 years Old Trafford, however, Warnock, who recently held the record for most teams in England. He is also regarded as a secondary Wenger, Pepsi than cardio and Eugen Mayer Klopp.

the Premier League since its inception. If I had picked the first five managers… I would have picked Arsene Wenger as the number 1,” Warnock said.

But he also brings many things that have not been taken into account.”

“Nutritionists, fitness coaches, video applications, technologies He made all the changes when he came to the Premier League.”

“Guardiola Probably number 2, his influence on the field as well as the lower leagues It’s fantastic,”

said Klopp. And he will get more and more brutal.”

“His attitude and everything he has done for the club. Including the future of that kid, I think he still has 10 years left.”

“So I think now. He’s in third place first, but could be number 1 in the next few years

. because he has been successful for a long time.”

“I think he’s in an era where it’s all about managing people. It’s not entirely up to the backroom staff. and Sir Alex He’s probably very good

at that. But I still want him to be number five.”